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Finished insulating glass processing equipment together how to detect what failed ?
Date:2014-01-09  Hits:10138
In the initial use of hollow glass equipment when purchasing equipment for whether they can pass the production of glass reaches the national standard requirements of many customers want to clear the problem . After inspection of hollow glass produced can be sent to the domestic authorities , the cost is about fifty dollars 1M/50, if they want to be able to detect it , according to the following criteria need to be detected . First detected in isolated boxes are pure acts of leaks in the middle of the insulating glass molecular sieve into the gas can be used , and then see if it leaks into the water , then put the glass insulating glass equipment through steel, laminated technology for production , see to be able to perfection requirement. detect whether rectangular hollow glass is not bad for , should the glass at both ends to form a diagonal length of the deviation is less than 2MM can. The thickness of the glass requires a close test , one centimeter in place close to the glass , into the sunshine where the thickness of the glass using the naked eye , see if you can prevent the perspective glasses , in the middle there is no debris. Only meet these theories , hollow glass equipment produced glass can be considered qualified.
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