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Double-glazed insulating glass production equipment spacing is much
Date:2014-01-20  Hits:10914
Very extensive use of glass , hollow glass use is very wide , so the hollow glass equipment manufacturers in the design of equipment, will be for customers to purchase personal design , before buying any kind of glass will be asked to produce and sell in accordance with the glass production, again all walks of life to talk about the time of hollow glass spacing requirements and why would pitch it between different problems.

IG "empty " is mainly reflected in where ? Pitch is reflected in the above , if the pitch is too small it will enhance the performance of the acoustic wave through , the cooling rate is too large, then the problem of excessive will appear in the winter , the production of architectural glass which pitch should not modulated 15-20MM too large, too large, then mainly appears difficult problem of gas leaks exist in the higher floors of rooms or buildings , large spacing will directly lead to convection inside the air straight out straight into effect , stand to glass close to the glass inside you will find a trace of the temperature came, this is too much lead to the formation of convective vortices inside but increase their temperature loss , again spacing is too large hollow glass installation personnel will be on cutting unnecessary trouble , there will be friable not securely installed , the intensity is too embedded in the wall damage Assembly and other issues, which is above the glass in the construction industry applications , hollow glass equipment manufacturers hope the emergency , there is an indoor glass partition , office partitions applications, office hollow glass generally play the effect of noise , we all know the effect of noise insulating glass , the stronger the greater the gap . So if you are indoors or hollow glass window glass manufacturers can specify the problems and gaps glass insulating glass equipment manufacturers are generally 20MM-30mm can, both can play sound effects , sturdy length can also be used with the outdoors, says these readers need to understand when buying the equipment after insulating glass manufacturers can and which according to their areas of agreement during the customization oh.
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