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Automatic glass washing machine cleaning method is in accordance with that standard operating procedures ?
Date:2014-01-05  Hits:3820
First, let us talk about procedures : automatic glass washing machine which is suitable for cleaning glass film direction , in the cleaning process can effectively clean all kinds of dirt , then dry delivery , in the transportation process glass washing machine it Chaoyang machines directional navigation add this feature is a glass for fear deviation during transmission , the air knife can be used to clean glass of water damage to be cut , when the international downstream automatic glass washing machine systems used such methods can be recycled to conserve water in line with international standards, there is a safety device peripherals have a special section for the controller components intervals to prevent water, glass washing machine in the process of starting its noise reduction processing , strict lower decibel transmission , for the controller red button above it is an emergency measure , where electricity is not an emergency response , but the emergency equipment installed glass washing machine only for fear of problems can not be turned off when taken device for automatic glass washing machine is more than the normal motor heating functions, which can be on the man-machine interface control , and the automatic glass washing machine can be anywhere demolition, maintenance areas , for machine design is its cleaning room is an enclosed design to reduce noise pollution.
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