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Small hollow glass equipment for acceptable quality piece together how to detect ;
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Glass production of a defective chip technology is closely related to harmony , co- slice technique has some asking everyone to be qualified to grasp here in detail about the quality of small hollow glass equipment together pieces need to know what circumstances ? In the small and medium sized insulating glass processing equipment to keep using butyl rubber coating machine when more than the thickness of plastic . In our time together pieces are usually two pieces of glass together on the film, of course, there are still three more , but generally not more than five , but before engaging piece if you need more blocks , there must be a special design, when combined pieces must be good tail control deviation can be identified in the various parts of its former piece together a small hollow glass equipment , thus ensuring foolproof , to be completed after closing piece inflatable hollow glass , which is the second step , the presence of gas will be completed in the middle of the hollow glass inflator generally not too far charge stored between 70-90 can then be applied in the use of butyl rubber edge position if said the use of two-component coating machine , then the need to adjust to the same mixing ratio can mass , these are the pieces together process .

Before the operations staff for the basic operation of the induction machine should be there for chip operation and training , in -depth understanding of the product for at least the ability to be able to identify unqualified together to give posts, for the completion of the need for co- piece hollow glass curing device before packaging, sealing it in the air , remember not appear , if there is need to re- bubbles before they can be closed at the factory when the need for a small hollow glass equipment produced all products passed the test , and make a single recording , quality inspection during the time needed to test its rubber seal, there is a high degree of precision for thickness measurement , make sure it 's able to achieve the appearance of size as well as the thickness of the glass industry standards before giving the factory . Instrumentation used shall meet the standard 

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