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Glass cutter software system procedures described in Notes
Date:2013-12-28  Hits:3587
In the era of information for the development of the glass industry, we generally do not know, just Chaoyang machines found in the online search a little understanding of laser glass cutting machine we were not enough, we generally think of laser glass cutting machine can cut glass , but the last few in the rapid development of our country , for laser cutting machine is already cut glass , just cut plexiglass , plexiglass sunrise for the machine has been introduced . It should be noted that only cut plexiglass for ordinary insulating glass , tempered glass, laminated glass can not be cut or to be cut if the need to use other precision CNC glass cutting machine . It is then for another software is how to control those functions? Explain the following :

Almost five years ago, before the glass cutter is only a simple drawing software control switch functions as well , but then gradually revive the glass industry , for this function , it will have obvious defects biggest flaw is the efficiency of the defect , so the original there has conducted research and development on the basis of software extensions can not be out a lot of features that not only can be used in a CNC cutting machine , it is also possible to manually apply ; main function is to cut the original film based on the basis of non-standard glass launched , there is the problem of broken cutting , glass cutting machine cut glass before additional features can be drawn out and then suddenly cut in proportion to the actual size of the design, to remove the glass edge edging questions designed to hold the USB input cutting into the template established case generated dxf files directly if the glass is small , then you can also have a one-time correction function glass design is not necessary to complete all the cutting , or if a sudden power cut , then stop cutting general glass cutter software can be used to suspend function, when cutting back further work can be carried out directly .
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