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Solar glass washing machines rely on those parts cleaning ?
Date:2013-12-27  Hits:3711
Solar Glass Washing Machine magic lies in a dirty glass in, and is the kind of circular solar glass , and even came out sparkling clean inside also . This is because the internal solar glass washing machines are there are many small components made of , the equivalent of a sharp eagle as special forces unit , which show not only brave and fierce , and open the driver of the car artillery , as well as a master sergeant in charge of maintenance failures , while solar glass washing machines and special forces are similar structure , which consists of motor, brush, air knife , drive motor, sponge rollers , and some other parts constituted only with the combination of these components to the need to clean the glass cleaner to clean .

Cleaning the glass part is how to clean it ? It is driven by a motor rotating the sponge roller device , then to drive the water to allow washing water to form small bubbles on the conveyor line , the time to reach the inside of the glass automatically spread out in practice , there will be air bubbles dispersed in the middle of the overflow water damage to , this will instantly filled inside the glass to be cleaned , as quickly after the collapse of bubble in the loss of the cleaning roller for cleaning the slit glass , hit the final cleaning purposes ;
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