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Optional glass reinforced furnace need to understand that respect can be assured to buy ?
Date:2013-12-26  Hits:1155
Glass reinforced furnace purchase when in addition to watching some of the manufacturers of the business license of qualifications there is definitely a must-see note to see some of its materials , the best contacts between the dredging glass composition testing to see the products produced at high temperatures will there be split bonding Chengdu , generally produced glass reinforced glass furnaces are strong criticism and ruggedness in nature, if you see chunks of glass you can see the effect of noise . well it is to ask the manufacturers in the production of the film , when the machine is in what process is made using a hot process or whether it is a dry process , etc. it's all different.

Outside the inner beauty depends on the quality of the questions to see if the quality is not good then outside to see the appearance of quality is a top priority of the investigation . There is the quality of the glass look glass reinforced glass furnace production equipment out of its thickness uniform uneven , there is no damage in edge length change than the glass thickness, and there is a slight damage does not affect use . intermediate glass bubbles are not guaranteed quality glass material in the finished glass after please gently , glass reinforced glass furnace production relatively sharp edges , please be careful in the process , do not appear to scratch problems.
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