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Plexiglass cutting should choose what kind of glass cutting equipment ?
Date:2013-12-24  Hits:1350
If it is just an ordinary glass or tempered glass industry peers understand that should know how to cut , but cutting plexiglass can be said that this problem relatively new industry, a new term , so sometimes in business negotiations when colleagues are often interested in this aspects do not know , the customer smell when cutting plexiglass not satisfied with the reply , lost orders so this is why? Because plexiglass manufacturer is common for us it is not commonly used. Chaoyang machines to tell us what is the choice of plexiglass and then talk about what kind of cutting device segmentation.

PMMA is a polymer formed by aggregation of several glass , a bit like we 've learned amber primary structure, which has a great bit of one of the biggest advantages is the ability to clear , if we take out a piece of ordinary glass, although it said transparent but if the light shining up , then there will be refraction , travel Mitsubishi -shaped light, but if there plexiglass light into it, it does not travel reflection , but there are some advantages to shine directly through the glass is very resistant plexiglass hot, to prevent corrosion , some time ago we saw the news that Wuhan is equipped with a courier because leakage of chemicals resulted in the murder . If it is using plexiglass container , then it will not happen , which benefits both the plexiglass and plexiglass biggest feature is insulated ! ! ! Plexiglass gathered so many advantages that it is relatively wide field of application , the most characteristic is the lights, it can emit light directly , without refraction, there is the glasses, and some other aspects . Plexiglass also used in various fields. Military, chemical , commercial , export, plexiglass is the most common in our arts and crafts there is a glass bulb , which are made of plexiglass , then introduced here to say something if Chaoyang machine cutting and ordinary glass as plexiglass it? In fact quite the same , for the plexiglass cut its demand for higher accuracy requirements , if you are using a manual cutter , then there would not be so high accuracy, Chaoyang machine recommended cutting plexiglass our customers if needed , then the direct use 8070CNC precision CNC cutting machine, so the use of plc control accuracy better without error.
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