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The new production of glass reinforced glass furnace Why auto damage
Date:2013-12-23  Hits:1177
Sometimes we happen just after the finish of glass reinforced glass furnace production carried glass flip suddenly burst on stage , the majority of customers to inquire Chaoyang machines , they also mentioned this issue , but they are not very common , some feel small problem , there is no fine into deep question , but a small problem for the customer sunrise will be cored , explain again why some glass in case there will be no automatic collision damage it?

Sometimes the glass is too much , then there will be some amount of damage occurs , because the glass industry, other industries would not say that the production is not finished 100% does not appear the slightest reveries , because the glass itself is a fragile product , in general, there are five / 1000 auto damage causes.

There is glass after glass reinforced heating furnace production , if the speed of the transfer roller transport uneven words , if the temperature is too high in the front half of the encounter out of colder air will be easier damaged . avoid such a situation can only be exported to strengthen the glass furnace temperature is not too low to maintain if below minus five degrees. The failure rate appears relatively large.

Generally the second insulating glass processing glass are used , hollow glass is a glass reinforced to withstand oven temperatures , but does not mean that you can withstand all the problems, such as misuse of the reinforced glass furnace temperature control to 500 degrees more so, in subzero temperatures encountered in the film when the film is to remember to let the glass after glass uneven heating production is completed , then you can even look at , so I remember when film production box to control the temperature .
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