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LOW-E glass washing machine cleaning glass untidy how to do ?
Date:2013-12-20  Hits:1144
Chaoyang machine first wish you a Merry Christmas, some manufacturers dealers selling LOW-E glass washing machine is usually when there is no service after the sale is completed , but in fact does not mean that they do not have service , in fact, they are some LOW-E glass washing machine knowledge level is not comprehensive, so customers ask them questions some of the more difficult problems, often irrelevant answers , so Chaoyang these machines targeted at these issues a little bit more difficult to answer again and again , let's say LOW-E glass washing machine after purchase cleaning glass is not clean, not clean , then is not that it represents the damage of it , in fact, not at all , in fact there are other issues , the problem can only synthesize all oh find out comprehensive reasons,

The first is where the suction pipe filtration system so if you do not brush spacing becomes large , clean glass of water so that the child will not be too clean, wash if there is time, some manufacturers in order to save some money, in What did not add detergent water , then sun machine click here to say ,

If cleaning glass , cleaning agents , then if there will be more clean and wash sun at this time will have a machine to sell products donated cleaning agent so we pay attention to timely , for the use of LOW-E glass washing machine every day a lot of glass processing factory use water to some direct running water is drawn from wells or water pipe , if the water in the summer , then probably several dozen degrees , if it is possible that the low temperature in winter , the water temperature a few degrees will make cleaning agents could not open, or that its role will be lengthened time , in the absence of its role in the situation we direct cleaning glass , there is not much to play its role , the above problems, there is a way to appear after the cold water meets the standards for measuring and processing in use , such LOW-E glass washing machine cleaning the glass will be a great opportunity to improve .
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