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Double insulating glass house costs and general cost difference so big compared .
Date:2013-12-19  Hits:1070
Now the cost of ordinary insulating glass should be no increase in the general level of consumption is still about 90 or so a square , quality can be guaranteed , but for double insulating glass is its cost may be slightly higher , and why, Chaoyang here tell everyone it was double-glazed insulating glass production equipment used to join two pieces of ordinary glass sealant and some glass molding materials synthesis, synthesis requires two before cleaning the glass , but the most important thing is to keep dry the air still , so even buy the drying section , said here about the production of hollow glass equipment sunrise there comes the drying section , easy to use, as well as look after drying is completed there is no presence of dust , so in order to be re- mass production.

Double insulating glass is mainly used for those areas? Friends often compare understand life sometimes found to ktv ktv singing voice is not so big , it was found there in the water cups very hot , it is because he is using a double insulating glass sake , in the middle to join materials, blocking transmission of some moderation , Chaoyang machine that previously had the honor to visit the glass industry veteran , he uttered a word, he said, the most important feature is the double insulating glass partition, you want to cut off the sound , water droplets , air, can do , and with the domestic double insulating glass hollow radio manufacturers more and more in the future will be more emphasis on quality in this area, the increase in sales will double insulating glass , then gradually into people's lives , instead of everything else glass. Chaoyang machine welcome to consultation,
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