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Automotive windshield washer optional methods are those that surprise ?
Date:2013-12-14  Hits:1300
Car windshield washing machine at the time of purchase, for lay speaking, what are the advantages it worth buying ? Here take a look at the machine and sunrise ; For glass washing machine is its length in addition to solar energy in general should be more than in 3000 , and a width of about two thousand , a thousand or so height , width plus height almost equal to the length , but also there windshield washer includes almost the same height countertops thousand or so , some of the specific parameters Chaoyang machine instructions , we can refer to , using the same power supply 380v people , that is, we often say that the three electricity to where it count for the purchase washing machines have a general entry , at least not look like a layman , and

There is no need to worry about this , after all, this is not a professional production , the internal parameters of the machine also need to focus on power, frequency , etc., these require simple attention to , randy ro is the drive motor, drive motor and brush in general Click , are equal power , almost half of them which is the power of the pump clicked , there is blowers, blower and windshield washer are equal power transmission clicking , when we finish this understanding some foreign trade , the need Learn some real cleaning parameters , such as cleaning automotive glass what it was like speed , acceleration, whether on their own problems , there is the cleaning of the glass size , the need for labor to measure ? The maximum size is limited to cleaning ,

Here Chaoyang machine to say our car windshield washing machine can be cleaned according to the customer to customize the size of the glass , for example, our traditional truck glass , and it is certainly not an ordinary family car glass , our equipment has been repeated : " a multi -use " better customer service ..... when cleaning glass thickness Chaoyang feeling is not to control him , after all, not much difference is the thickness of the glass surface , and for automotive windshield washer machine , its thickness is not too thick , after all automotive glass , if the other glass. Chaoyang need to buy the machine only when the product can tell us that we need based on parameters the user to custom design . Was to give customers more satisfied. When we finished understand these , you will feel not so strange, when at least to buy a car windshield washing machine , spine quite up here Chaoyang wish you can buy their favorite car windshield washer machine ..
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