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The price of the standard insulating glass is formulated based on those aspects ?
Date:2013-12-13  Hits:1172
In talking to many customers and when some customers feel hollow glass prices may be too high , but it also encountered Chaoyang machine said hollow glass price is too low , they are worried about the poor quality , not durable , it is a comprehensive , Chaoyang here some lines reveal the secrets , talk about why some equipment high prices, there is indeed normal?

Chaoyang machines think first of all we should understand it as well as the composition of the insulating glass manufacturing process , Chaoyang feel like to know a glass product , we must first understand its manufacturing process, like understanding a person needs to know that he is the same process of growth truth. Groove aluminum hollow glass are generally imported here Chaoyang Chaoyang statement about the content but the glass industry for many years based on their own experience, for there is no other . And the price is the use of dual- slot aluminum track to double again , there is Chajiao . Chajiao imported , but most of our domestic manufacturers are using to produce their own , because the hollow hollow glass prices Chajiao glass is not particularly important conditions, so Chajiao himself doing just fine , for butyl rubber coating machine equipment , he is with the use of hollow glass important but not , of course, heard of this device , it is ultimately Two-component plastic machine , they become within the line : " double glass processing partner " ; thus they can know how important it is the combination ..... of course there are some desiccant know , this is some of our manufacturers own production , as well as sealing the issue is hollow glass if seal is not good, even if the use of better equipment , so also has its drawbacks ... here we recommend imported sealed because a the strength of different manufacturers , so some use of these imports, and some use for export. Has led to the rise again, hollow glass prices.
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