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Hollow glass specification refinement parameters cited examples
Date:2013-12-16  Hits:1215
Hollow glass in the production process , there are some correct configuration parameters , including the raw materials as well as glass glue and some other ingredients inside the desiccant are configured in accordance with a certain proportion , here Chaoyang machines to customers say about the specifications of hollow glass the configuration should configure those things ? What proportion of the problem according to the configuration wait for our customers to solve these problems, the hollow glass material should have sufficient performance testing and using ordinary glass raw materials, or use an existing float glass, laminated glass can be, in the production process requires compliance with the relevant system , specifically insulating glass can go to Baidu search parameter corresponding specifications will appear .

Specification for insulating glass production is that it is mainly plastic part .. This section is based on the ratio of 1:523:5213 to mediate in the tape coating machine is needed to strip sealed, it can not breathable, at times just before the start of production , the need to use chemicals to be part of some off -floor inspection, there is UV- reflective performance must be tested , after which all future production may be directly applied to a variety of limousines which , for some the traditional way to test climate vapor barrier . Click here to say , not every time will pass , if there is an error , please complete the side so as to ensure the test specifications of hollow glass .
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