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CNC3826 glass cutting & loading machine
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Equipment parameters and accessories:

1. The three coordinate motion systems of the cutting head are composed of imported high-precision rack and pinion, linear square guide rail and AC servo system. The equipment performance is reliable, the error is small, and the efficiency is high.

2, CAD design graphics, machine automatic cutting, all cutting data is completely controlled by the computer.

3. Straight cutting precision ≤±0.1mm/m, profile cutting precision ≤±0.15mm/m

Cuttable glass thickness: 3-15mm, maximum cutting speed: 150m/min;

Cutting accuracy: parallelism ≤ ± 0.15mm / m, diagonal ≤ ± 0.15mm / m.

4, desktop size: 4000 * 2600mm, cut glass original size: 2440 * 3660mm

5, front, rear, left, right direct automatic walking, 360 degrees free rotation; automatic film finding, automatic leveling, automatic release.

6, power:

     ★Installation power requirements: 380V/50HZ (three-phase four-wire), special conditions can be adjusted according to customer requirements

     ★ Actual power of equipment: 8KW

     ★Compressed air: 0.6MPa (provided by the user)

7, equipment performance:

     ★ Equipment frame: The equipment is processed by aging, and the large-scale finishing equipment is milled to ensure that the frame and the table are not deformed.

     ★Cutting knife holder: It adopts Japanese SMC proportional solenoid valve, which automatically adjusts the pressure according to the thickness of the glass. The cutter head rotates 360 degrees, and the upper and lower buffers are cut by the lower knife (can accurately cut any straight line and various special-shaped glass)

     ★Felt: Sino-foreign joint venture industrial felt (fiber and wool) has good flatness and anti-static

     ★ Positioning system; photoelectric positioning, automatic edge finding positioning system, automatically trimming the specific position of the glass, cutting according to the actual size.

     ★ Oil supply method: pneumatic automatic oil injection, and synchronization with the lower knife

 8, the mechanical part:

     ★Gear rack: Japanese KHK

     ★ Guide rail: Taiwan silver

     ★Cutter wheel / tool holder: German Bole

9, the electrical part:

     ★ Controlled by PC computer, Microsoft Windows interface

     ★ Voltage: 380V/50HZ, equipment with voltage regulator

     ★Motor: Huichuan servo motor

     ★Control System: Beijing Baolun CNC

     ★Pneumatic components: Taiwan Yadeke

10, the software:

     ★Operation interface: WINDOWS operation interface, Simplified Chinese common English display

     ★Professional supporting cutting software, timely modification according to the actual needs of customers

     ★From the time of installation and use, you can record the use of equipment programs, production tasks, graphics, etc.

     ★ Compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software and draw directly in the console

     ★ can count the working hours of the day, the number of cuts, in order to facilitate the record of the number of jobs per shift

     ★ With automatic correction function to ensure cutting accuracy

     ★ With special-shaped automatic pressure function, it can achieve the best cutting effect

     ★ Cutting path selection function, can select the origin twice

     ★Operation input: keyboard and mouse, Chinese and English dialogue interface

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