Laminated glass cutting machine
ZY3725 Full automatic laminated glass cutting machine
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ZY3937 Full-Automatic Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

This machine was research and development in our company. IT`s easy to use ,highly adaptability and high cutting precision and so on.

1).Structure of machine
Frame was made with international square steel tube and box iron by welding. The key position had been annealing treatment and gantry milling. So the frame has high stability and strength. 
Also there are portal frame and three-part construction to assemble the machine. 
First piece and second piece are used for loading and transporting glasses, these parts has automatic positioning system to locate glasses. 
The gantry was between the third part and second part, it could cutting glasses upper layer and bottom layer then heating and cutting PVB glues(interlayer).
The last part have some functions like pull open glasses and breaking glasses.

2).Machine Parameters
1.Size of machine:5500*4400*1300mm
2.Weight:about 3000KG
3.Processing range of glass size:400*400mm ------ 3700*2500mm
4.Processing range of glass thickness:3+***+3mm--------8+***+8mm
5.Cutting speed: cutting twice in one minute
6.Temperature and time of heating: Adjust by operater

7.Pressure of pushing and breaking: Adjust by SMC proportional control valve

3).Machine configuration
3.Plc and touch screen: TaiWan
4.Electrical elements: CHINT or Great wall
5.Program: Self-Design
6.Heatting tube: JiangSu (China)
7.Timing belts and wheels: ZheJiang(China)
8.Air cylinder and knife: Self-Design
9.Knife wheels: imported from Korean
10.Draught fan: Shanghai
11.Transmission shaft: ZheJiang(China)

4).Describe of cutting process
Setting the width, length and other parameters of glasses→putting glass on loading module→overturn and loading glass→activate draught fan to lift glass→moving glass to positioning module→stop draught fan→cutting module move to "zero" point and glass will be fixed with 

air cylinder→Cutting head move to cut point→Start Cutting→Uplift cutting head after cut →Activate press sheet→lower mandril(lift rod)breaking glass→Activate heating tube to heat glue→Planer move and pull open galsses→Cutting membrane knife will cut the PVB→Process finish.

ZY3937 full automatic laminated glass cutting machine working video,

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