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Glass cutting equipment models correspond to the range of processing ;
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Again the sun for everyone to look at , we buy machines or other machines sunrise to official website then we will be able to see some of that is explain this regard , for example, repair, maintenance, processing range , etc. in short everything related to glass cutting equipment , we will publish it here , to teach you some tips , after sunrise in glass cutting equipment industry has a line of non- general level of confidence in the sun here is to help to everyone , there is the ancient word, gifts of roses , hand left lingering fragrance , sun gave us the knowledge which is , let's common development, we explain in detail below under glass cutting equipment model and the corresponding range of processing what ?

Glass cutting equipment includes automatic glass cutting line, semi-automatic glass cutting the number of explicit machine, CNC series , lifting the pipeline including 76,376,133 etc. , within their processed glass about the size of it 6000X3660 range , and some universities in 1000-2000 adsorption weight between work cycle time is not less than 70 hours , the fastest speed of up to 120 per second , I feel it is not inconceivable that this brief overview of the facts , such as the inside of the cutting precision , as well as air pressure , etc. These are based on different models have different but do not , because here are other relationships , Chaoyang machine not elaborate , but the sun will be in the future to explain some of the details about the glass cutting equipment , here are five areas need attention , Chaoyang point out here , I hope you learn :

1 on the semi-automatic cutting machine knife box problem is cutting knife box beam rail equipment moving back and forth above the glass , and the distance traveled allows users to see directly expressed through the display , convenient ;
2 Chaoyang machines for those areas ; ? A: automotive glass , curtain wall , crafts , furniture, hollow, laminated , etc., can be said that these are included to all the glass industry .
3 basic operating conditions , we cut through the glass cutting equipment engineers to confirm the size of the glass , and then go to the display program input cutting parameters , you can make a high standard , precise cutting jobs work .
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