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SYH-01-1800 Plastic doors and Windows arc window machine
Date:2006-10-15  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1108

Main Feature

Used for plastic doors and Windows arc forming; 
This machine is the production of special equipment rounded plastic doors and Windows. Mainly include bending finalize the design work platform, heat the slot, qualitative belt and plate bar etc parts; 
By electric heating sizing profiles in the process, we can work needed to finalize the design on the bending diameter to 650 ~ 18 semicircle and arbitrary radians arc; 
The machine has reliable performance and safe operation, high productivity, etc.

Technical Parameters

Input voltage:380V/220V 50Hz               Input voltage(kw):8
Bending diameter scope(mm):650~1800     Heating temperature (°):90~130              
Shape dimension (mm): 4500×2800×800      Heating oil volume:0.2         

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